Little Man Blue Blew

image: Kirsty TG

“Rather unfair, you know, so why don’t we shorten the sentence?”Wick, the most soft-hearted asked her sisters, all three wrapped in rain gear and feet snug in rubber boots examining their mail box.

Manevo, jiggling with laughter, burst out “from forever, why, when I need a good laugh on a sunny day our former friend here is perfect.” .

“Remember,” Sorce, pointed out, “if anyone tries to steal our mail, like that dreadful letter carrier thought he could, then our new little man blue shall blow his horn, and this thief we’ll turn into a . . . “

Conjured up for 3 Line Tales – wk 16 brilliantly hosted by Sonya @ 100 words only


9 thoughts on “Little Man Blue Blew

the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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