blood moon, bloodied tunic

This post is late for the prompts, but since I did manage to pull something together, I’m posting anyway. I’ll do the links, but I realize the “challenge” is past.


Naul crouched, sword drawn, waiting for his signal, waiting for warrior phase of the moon – full blood moonrise. Time then to invade the enemy camp whilst the fighters were off afar. His armor glinted, the white of his tunic shone in the moon-crusted light. Too soon,  tunic would be red with the blood of women and children. Strike the enemy at their weakest point. Spare but one or two so they might tell of the intruders, the scribes of the slaughter. Owl whistle call pierced the night. Time to pierce the sleeping families with his sword. Naul hesitated for but a second. He did not have the blood and rape lust as did his comrades.  Naul oft pondered if he were a warrior. In such raid as this, should a child look at him, he might let  the enemy’s spawn disappear into the chaos of burning houses, screaming women, crying children.


Here are the challenges contained in this piece of flash fiction in the order they appear. Baheya’s Miniature Writing Challenge #44: symbol – sword. WordPress Daily Post Daily Prompts phase.  My Loving Wife/scolpron’s Tuesday Use it in a Sentence – invade.


Although I have visited the Miniature Writing Challenge, I’ve never participated. But this week two other prompts fit within the context of my short fiction (50 to 150; ), so here I am.  This is the symbol table from which I picked sword as it fit within the fantasy genre I’m exploring away from the blog.



the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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