a cultural cleansing or what I did on my summer vacation

(artistic license – Sistine Chapel; Bilingual Italian/English: bilingue inglese e italiano)


“The sort of cultural, conceptual, contextual trip like no other,” his voice dripped with enthusiasm.

“Opportunities to see Renaissance paintings and painters’ workers extremely close up,” he promised.

“Chance to practice outdoors skills in phenomenal landscapes,” he guaranteed.

“Far, far, far away from pushy tourists,” he sounding pleased.

Hai mai sognato di pulizia della Cappella Sistina le vostre vacanze estive?

(Ever dream of cleaning the  Sistine Chapel on your summer vacation?)

Rodolfo, verricello un altro secchio di quei Mr. Clean gomme extra-forte, per favore e grazie.

(Rodolfo, winch up another bucket of those Mr. Clean Extra-Strong erasers, please and thank you.)

Composed for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 67th Challenge


9 thoughts on “a cultural cleansing or what I did on my summer vacation

  1. I took a tour which was about the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. According to the guide, Michelangelo painted some of these ceiling murals on his back.
    Can you imagine working in conditions like that yet creating wondrous masterpieces?
    Good story ….
    Isadora 😎


  2. Hahaha! They are cleaning these priceless old Sistine Chapel with Mr. Clean Extra Strong Erasers! Cute story! Do you realize that your story is not linked up to the story board? I wasn’t sure if you were waiting to do it or if you were having problems.


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