the rosary, the diary, the grave


waterhouse study of a female figure with rosary 1890

J. W. Waterhouse, Study, Girl with a Rosary, 1890

I found the stained diary

bits of blood, skin, fingernails

hair ribbons, ivory buttons and

wavy handed words of folly and nonsense:

. . . I spool my medulla-soft hair

far too unkind to the poppet’s protruding defense

the drowsy miasma steals no more

that supple hangman’s rope

braided Alicish in such a facility

a prison, a bathroom, a nightmater

a nightmare, a hater too squeamish

too upset, too young to be punished

for that man’s sordid crime

I gurgle, I puke, I let the wormwood

bequeath it’s horrors to another child’s

dream . . .

bound by thin strumpets of leather

pencil-smudged images of afterbirth

boot-black maps to tiny cross-graves

no more painting backward; no more

sketched out of wordle # 111 by the wonderous wordlesmith, Yves.


8 thoughts on “the rosary, the diary, the grave

  1. wildchild47 says:

    this is quite the powerful, evocative and painful reading – which means, job well done – highly unique and very poetic – great use of the wordle!


    • “Thank you,” she said. “One of those times when the words wordled.” She added, “I haven’t wandered far from my cave — hope you are doing okay. I haven’t finished my idea from last week (or is it longer than that?).”

      Liked by 1 person

      • wildchild47 says:

        I’m doing not so bad – you know, up and down, but kind of finding solid ground – so it makes the “rougher” moments slightly less tense, dangerous or horrible.

        I hope you’re doing better too. I see you’ve been enjoying yourself more lately – with your posts etc., giving yourself more free reign etc. and that’s great. :)

        As for having not finished your idea from, yeah, I think last week? That’s okay. No rush eh?


        • As it is only a portion — the intro so to speak — I should finish writing it. Written in my head hundreds of times.
          It does involve, if such is possible, the lighter side of death. Given the number of mystery novels with main characters who are witches, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and there’s probably a zombie cop who solves cases his brainless fellow officers can’t, my idea is either already taken (has happened!) or passé before even becoming trendy.

          Liked by 1 person

          • wildchild47 says:

            LOL@passé before even becoming trendy.

            Well it is said that everything has already been done before, which begs the question, why bother? But the answer lies in the truth that each voice is unique, like fingerprints …. so “as you were” – or perhaps “as you are” …… and yeah, the lighter side of death? I totally hear ya. A few years ago I was writing a lighter side of death thing too. :)

            Anyhow…. you know, if you want to post just whatever you have going on, it’s all good too. Works don’t always have to be completed, or finished etc. Whatever makes you feel okay and comfortable is fine by me. I’m pretty easy. Honestly!


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