#tuesdayuseitinasentence: the phlegmatic receptionist

Took a while to figure out how to cram all into one sentence, but I think technically it is one, long, run-on sentence using quotes for spoken dialogue? My Tuesday Use it in a Sentence submission for the word phlegm:


The psychiatrist’s receptionist told her colleague, “the new patient in the waiting room says she is drowning in her own phlegm and I don’t know if she means mucus or apathy.” *


* in medieval medicine/physiology phlegm was thought to cause apathy and sluggishness; one of the four humors (choleric, melancholy, sanguine, phlegmatic). Right now, my humour is melancholic and yours?

Wikipedia: image/humors


One thought on “#tuesdayuseitinasentence: the phlegmatic receptionist

  1. Ok something weird’s happening with my phone… Anyway I was meaning to type thank you for taking part again this week. I love how you used different meanings of the word. Very clever. Have a great day.


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