rape is a 4 letter word

The videos below show

what one group did to draw attention to the horrible rape situation in Brazil: on average 420 women are raped every 72 hours. Perhaps given the recent events, the same tactic should be done here in North America in support of our sisters to the south. And to tell the woman here, we will listen, we will hold your hand. To tell the authorities we aren’t going to let them get away with leniency for the horrendous crime of rape.

Wow, I was so sure we had gotten past that by a lot of strong women standing up and saying “I was raped.” That her sexual background could no longer be used against her. That rape was treated as a serious crime. Not if you are young, white, privileged puke who goes before a judge with the same low moral standards. 

“Yes means Yes, No means No, No matter how we dress, No matter where we go” was the slogan we chanted on marches and sit-downs. The times are ‘a changing, – backwards.

For more commentary on this, see: Photo Challenge #116 – Left In No Mans Land by Michael @ Morpethroad; Mandy @ Scout’s Thoughts: Victim Reads Letter to Her Rapist in court, and other posts on that blog about the Stanford Rape Fiasco.


3 thoughts on “rape is a 4 letter word

  1. wildchild47 says:

    It is a never ending cycle that repeats – globally. And being a victim of rape myself, well, nothing surprises me anymore. The continued stupidity of a legal system that fails on all accounts – mostly; of the continued disconnect and disassociation between personal responsibility and actual “ownership” of one’s actions, whatever the circumstances ….. it infuriates me and depresses me to no end.


    • “I missed your comment,” she apologized. “Sorry you were a rape victim. I was assaulted, (not raped) and had my space violated by a perv. ” she said.
      “I don’t know how to change the system — it will take a generation it seems.”

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      • wildchild47 says:

        I too am sorry that you have been privy to the garbage feeders in the world. Such as it is, we survive – and do the best we can, as we can – and small steps at a time, collective change can happen.

        Be well.


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