sign on the fridge: say no to drugs (moral mondays)



The doctor showed me vials filled with watery blood and garbage – “that’s doing drugs – what’s going in,” he said with all seriousness. I was 10.

My mother gathered literature on your child and drugs (I am the product of two addictive families).

She put up on the fridge: The 10 Signs Your Child is on Drugs. I was 12

I got stoned on acid (LSD) – my first “taste” of drugs. I was 13.

My mother took the warning off the fridge around then.


Written for Moral Mondays.   100 word stories/fables based on “morals” – check it out “Should I admit how easy it was to write a story/fable about ‘say no to drugs.'” she pondered.


4 thoughts on “sign on the fridge: say no to drugs (moral mondays)

  1. Love this little piece of flash! Makes you wonder if telling your kids not to do something only makes them want to try it even more. hmmm ;)

    By the way, thanks for joining Moral Mondays! :)


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