The house which back property borders ours is abandoned. In escrow or the owner the occupant of a senior’s bed, I don’t know. The property is large, stretching almost two streets deep. A crumbling old-style barn/garage at the extreme end by our house was demolished a few years ago opening up for light and wind.

I have always been fascinated by the place, and this is only one of many photos of the front door. Behind the barbed wire gate, is the door to the 2nd garage/workshop. What you can’t see in this photo is the nearer yard with grape arbor, snowball bushes, rabbits, groundhog, birds.

I recently discovered the gate mechanism no longer locks. How long til I trespass into the yard?




For #thursdaydoors, June 16, 2016, hosted by Norm 2.0


8 thoughts on “abandoned

  1. Oooh, how cool if you could go inside. Do you know who owns the place? We are soon moving and there’s an abandoned house behind ours. The previous owner said she’d been inside. I don’t know if by herself or someone took her.. Too bad the house will most likely be demolished by the time we move as someone is going to build a new one in its place. I love these kinds of old houses and you could get seriously special photographs inside.


    • “All we know is it’s in escrow. Something about a sibling squabble for at least 15 years,” she indicated. “I’ll do a yard sneak, I can’t get indoor access. I can image you would find lots to photograph inside this house.”

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