Moral Mondays: Never Kiss on the Last Date

Moral Mondays by Nortina

My father and I both would be mortified over the proffering of dating advice. My father was good at silly suggestions on how to stumble through my world: never kiss on the last date.

When I tell folks things my dad said/suggested to me (never sexual, rude, or inappropriate), they are horrified. “How could your father say THAT!” they wail. “Easily, with a smile,” my reply.

He gave me something I needed more than dating or “fatherly” advice; he passed along his warped sense of humour. Our survival mechanisms in a world that often doesn’t laugh.

lay in my own bed

(Now that I have made my own bed, I must lay in it. Life advice from GCC)

32 thoughts on “Moral Mondays: Never Kiss on the Last Date

  1. What a great story – was / is he really like that? Love that ‘last date’ advice – priceless. I think my son could say the same of my husband – especially the warped sense of humour part. My husband’s most oft repeated piece of advice to my son?
    ‘Never eat anything bigger than your own head.’
    Sound advice, though :)
    A great read.


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