hv/100 = a to z: buffalo

“Tell us again, Great-Grandfather, how the ground shook for days,” Tessa asked.

“Oh yes, Great-Grandfather, please please please,” her younger brother whined.

Tessa elbowed him hard in the ribs. “The story about your first buffalo hunt,” she asked more politely.

Just as Great-Grandfather opened his eyes from remembering so he could tell the tale, his grand-daughter gathered up the children.

“Leave your Great-Grandfather in peace,” she said. “Don’t make him sad asking for tales of the buffalo days.”

He sighed, closing his eyes and he was a young man again, free on the Plains, waiting for the thundering.

Buffalo hunt under wolf-skin 1830-32

Pile of buffalo skulls to be used for fertilizer. People assumed decimation of the buffalo assured the elimination of the Plains First Nations.

Herds have been reintroduced to the Grasslands (Wyoming) and other national parks in the US and Canada.

I saw and camped close to quite a few wild buffalo during a trip from west coast to east coast in the early 1980s.

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