thursday doors: sentimental backdoors

A sentimental door.

The back door to my parents’/mother’s/unknown renter of single-family-home- renovated-into-a-duplex.

A belated Father’s Day door.

Twenty-five fatherless Father’s Days door.

Taken circa summer 2011.


submitted for #thursdaydoors (Thursday, June 23, 2016)

2 thoughts on “thursday doors: sentimental backdoors

  1. OMG! 25 Fatherless Father’s Day door! I can relate. I’m so, so sorry. There was an emptiness in my soul for a long, long bloody time. One day I accepted that Fatherlessness was my hurdle and jumped it. It’s okay. There are other men role models, and friends in my life that fill the hole.

    I hope you have found that or find it soon!


    • “Ironically, a second father figure passed, again unexpectedly, four years after my father,” she said. “So, I’ve muddled along without that sort of presence in my life,” she added “I’m glad you were able to accept and move on. That is as important as having the figure,” she finished.

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