rose & duct tape

image: FirstLightPhoto


When I cut

the blood red rose you proffered

I was angry, hurt, spiteful

You shivered, sighing

turning away from

another drama queen scene

I reached for you, to say

sorry, one of my moods

not your fault

for the million time

but you had turned too far

well out of by reach

the flower sits in a

glass on my window

pretty duct tape holds

flower to stem

I need to change

the water

The flower stays



Based on Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Friday Music prompt: Fields of June (Emily Barker, Red Clay Halo, and featuring Frank Turner).




12 thoughts on “rose & duct tape

  1. What a lovely piece in all senses moving and beautiful. (Perhaps a small flaw “millionth” or something different as million time doesn’t sit right)


    • “Thank you for the nice comment. You’re right; less than a million would make it flow better. I think it’s because I use the phrase, it ended up in the poem,” she concluded. “I will take another look at it.”

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