Summer as . . .

Composed for Prompt Night hosted by Sanaa @ A Dash of Sunny. The theme this week is summer. I wrote about the contrasts of summer’s day.

Summer as . . .


summer as delicate dew drop on rose petal

summer as fiery blast furnace maw

summer as golden sun-swept buttercups

summer as dark roiling storm clouds

summer as sweet aroma of pine wood stands

summer as rotten smell of bloated dead fish

summer as melting ice-creamed child’s laughter

summer as quiet tears of emptiness

summer as joyful be-flowered wedding

summer as sad grieving at the graveside

summer as moment between spring and fall

summer as forever stretched out desert oasis

summer as garden dirt under fingernails

summer as sweat-soaked clinging clothes

summer as lush lawns of verdant green

summer as scorched earth sucked dry

summer as still mirror of blue sky

summer as wind-whipped lake waves

summer as me warm, creating, caring

summer as me angry, bleak, cruel

summer as . . .

What’s real exciting – Sanaa starts as one of the Mindlovemisery Menagerie gang as host of Friday Night Music Prompts. So look for her musical selection next Friday.


20 thoughts on “Summer as . . .

    • “The weather ‘sparked’ the contrast. We have hot, sunny afternoons, thunderheads build their sky anvils, and boom, crash, howl, severe storm warnings, then woosh, starblanket night,” she replied, finally stopping to catch a breath.
      “Thank you so much for the kind comment,” she concluded.


  1. Sometimes there is a huge expectation to be happy when the sun shines – and yet unless we feel bright inside it really is a moot point – summer in some ways can indeed be harder because the expectation raises even higher – well written..and very relatable…


    • “Very true,” she agreed, nodding her head. “Special things are supposed to happen in the Summer and every day is supposed to be fun,” she added, “with emphasis on supposed to be.”


  2. I thought there was a change from the beautiful vivid images of summer to the end where it went all bleak and dark…you are right of course there are multiple ways of looking at the summer, most days are fine its the extreme days we tend to cringe from and I guess they can impact on our behaviours.


    • “Weather. As I mentioned in another comment, we have sun and heat, then black skies and high wind thunderstorms then clear again. It’s how I imagine and experience summer. The dark part, perhaps, is a fragment for another poem someday.”

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  3. I think we all could add another line to enter our own thoughts on summer! However it is a season when everything is so much more visible especially for poets who are great observers. I really enjoyable read.


  4. Whistles!! ❤❤ My goodness Phylor, this is absolutely stunning :D never thought Summer could be depicted in so many ways and so beautifully too. Especially love the images of “summer as golden sun-swept buttercups, summer as dark roiling storm clouds.” Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤❤

    Lots of love,

    PS: I am excited to be part of MLMM too :D


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