finish what you start


Grandaddy was the finisher; we, the starters.

He insisted present unwrapping went apace. He would grab your gift, rip the paper off, and hand the present back should he deem you were being too slow and careful.

With dessert, if your fork went down for a count of ten, he scooped up the remaining piece of pie or cake, and added vanilla ice cream, smiling as he ate.

He wanted his first grandchild born in a hospital, not at home like all his children. Soon as my mother started having contractions, he finished packing her suitcase, and hustled her off.


A family fable for Moral Mondays: Finish What You Start

(PS: I wasn’t born for another 3 days, on my maternal grandfather’s birthday; contractions started on Grandaddy’s birthday.)


13 thoughts on “finish what you start

  1. This is brilliant. Love the sound of your Granddaddy, though he was a dangerous man to have cake around! What a great tale. Was he very disappointed you weren’t born on his birthday? Reall enjoyed this and can see him being a very strong character in a longer piece.


    • “Sorry — My granddaddy’s initials which folks called him by were HS. I’d introduce myself somewhere, and the person hearing the last name often asked if there was a connection to H.S. Now, does it make more sense?,” she asked.


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