Sparrow Keep


Ever since Branson launched Time Lines shuttles to the past, visitor-ship is down at historical sites and buildings. Why see X in 2016, when you could see it being built in 1765?

The only real income is from film crews and re-enactors. Like the knot of them who wandered in shortly after I swung open the gate door. Dressed and speaking to the time of Sparrow Keep siege, this was a seriously engaged batch.

So serious, I ran to the office for the huge brass key ring, offering to show them some closed buildings, and locking them into an old storage room. Waiting for the Time Lines “disposal crew,” it seemed strange to think the past was going to screw itself up. We were always warned the futures would be the ones to do it.

Had the band not been so astounded and mesmerized by the well mechanism, I’d never caught on. But re-enactors would know; a group trying to seem from the Keep not the siege camp wouldn’t.

I asked the disposal crew what happened next. Well, there’d been enough breaches of security, that Time Lines developed an adjustment program. I wondered . . .

Now, I’m greeted each morning by the Sparrow Keepers. Seven families (Time Lines agreed to fetch close relations). Men are fixing fortifications, herding sheep; women planting gardens, raising chickens and geese.

Since the besieged aren’t here, the siegers get the Keep this time. Without spilling a drop of blood. And paying customers get a real enactment of Sparrow Keep life.


Conceived for: Sunday Photo Fiction, June 26, 2016. (It’s a bit long for flash fiction; at one point it was over 400 words!!!)


© adh

13 thoughts on “Sparrow Keep

  1. An interesting, fascinating story idea, going back to experience the past. Can you screw up the future through the past? Yet it seems as you write, locking up the bad guys, has given the common person then, the safety to have a normal life for those times. I can tell a lot of thought when into this. Well done :)


  2. Love the idea of time travel tourism – sign me up, Mr Branson! So the siegers had travelled to the future to find out things that would help them win the siege? Clever. Love the idea of having real folk from the period who all the tourists will assume are REALLY good re-enactors. Great story.
    My first time on the Sunday Photo Fiction prompts and I thought time travel too – must be something mysterious about this pic :)


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