hv/100 = a to z: germ-warfare

24 of June, year of our Lord 1763

Fort Pitt, America

My dearest Kathy:

As a British officer and a Christian, I can not condone orders given today. Pontiac and his red heathens bedevil us, but we are to fight them as cowards. The Major-General gave me secret orders to procure a solider infected and healed to leave small-poxed blankets for the Indian to find. Those we can not kill in battle as honourable Englishmen, we shall slay in dishonour with disease.*


*this is a composite based on known, suggested/discussed, and suspected use of blankets infected with small pox to eliminate the Native population. With no immunity, entire tribes died before ever seeing a European as the disease spread ahead of colonization along the eastern seaboard.

Image result for smallpox and indians

source: history.org

the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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