hv/100 = a to z: immigration

In the noise and crush on deck, Maizie held tight to her mother’s hand.

“Any minute now Maizie, you just look and see”

Pressed against the railing, she stared into the drizzly mist.

Then a cheer went up as her torch, her crown, her robe hove out of the grey.

“There, Maizie – do ya see her? Now ain’t she a pretty”

Maizie nodded not sure what other response was appropriate.

She was still taking in that this was America, and that was Lady Liberty.

She dropped her mother’s hand, and put both of hers on the railing. America!

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image: Liberty State Park

image: Liberty State Park

save Ellis Island.org




the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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