the lightning strike

“Another, slightly more PG+ combination: WordPress daily prompt: pleasure, and Friday Music Prompt #49: This is What You Came For,” she indicated, with a slight blush.

“ Oh, and a big welcome to Sanaa, co-host of the Friday Music Prompt soirees,” she added. “Here’s my take on Sanaa’s prompt.”

{image: through Bing search}




of bodies in motion

mirroring each other’s


thrust and heave

bounce and push

slick sweat mixes

musk of passion

and pleasure

crackling synapses

hearts bursting, body exploding

lightning strikes

electrification, fission, fusion

fall back on lavender pillows

gasping for sanity

while clouds gather

for another storm

8 thoughts on “the lightning strike

  1. Whistles!!! Gosh this is absolutely mesmerizing :D love the hot and steamy descriptions (fans herself) along with the backdrop of a raging storm. Beautifully executed :D Thank you for participating at MLMM :)

    Lots of love,

    PS: Thank you so much for the warm welcome :)


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