top dog?


“Longer than usual; editing skills on vacation,” she quipped about her submission for FFAW, July 5, 2016 “And thanks to Yinglan for the photograph,” she added.

Once, I was top dog with her. At the shelter, she fell in love the first time I did puppy dog eyes at her. Wait, I was a puppy.

She knew to scratch just the right spots, cuddle when thunderstorms scared me, laugh when I attacked her feather pillows, get treats from the Doggie Deli. The dog run, play “fetch, no you fetch,” watching nature shows and musicals. We both sang along.

One day, she comes home with a new pet. All clean, white and eager to please. Grabs all her attention, even when we’re out for a walk. Whitey makes noises, she gets excited. I make noises, she ignores me or says ssssh. Whitey sits in her lap; I’m on the floor.

But today was the worst. Went to the dog-run; she devoted all her time to Whitey. Then, she left, forgetting all about me.

“Tough luck.” remarked Herbert, one of my dog run acquaintances. “Know all about it, I got dumped for an android.” {166}


13 thoughts on “top dog?

  1. The new one usually gets the most attention…..but nothing lasts forever…..there may be others later. The old saying “every dog has his day” can be applied here. Great story.


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