fool me fool: thoughts on love, fools, and the occasional clown

Ronald McDonald’s updated look 2014 from


The context and content of the third poem, some people might find disturbing.

Theses were composed for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Friday Music Prompt: Judy Collins; Send in the Clowns


fool me

misread you were shy seducer

when I climb upon your bed

you are not alone

I am



I need distraction


jugglers, tightrope walkers, acrobats

cirque de soliel in my living room

but not clowns, never clowns

“evil, I tells ya,” Grandpa says

and he should know

travelled in the circus he did

or so his story goes



Ronald McDonald, Rapist 

you thought

Ronald MacDonald would protect you

sweaty in your disgust and lust for me

that I’d never see beneath that wig and nose

greasepaint you smeared across my breasts

down my belly

arms pinned, your groaning heaving weight upon me

I memorized your tats – rise up Chinese lettering over left nipple

thrust down: three symbols on your neck

your praises down your arms

you tried to demean me, whore me, grind me into the ground

but I got your tats memorized; you better go burning them, slashing them, get high-paid surgery.

because they’re going catch you up .

I got a shotgun now you know – I’d gladly blast ‘em off for you.


14 thoughts on “fool me fool: thoughts on love, fools, and the occasional clown

  1. You wrote three fold…but did not include your linky…maybe so in the body of the post?… anyway…

    There is power in courage to rise above someone who belittles others and then thinks it is funny.

    I watch too many mysteries. And sometimes those tats…are very telling indeed.
    One show had a data base of ‘prison’ tats. I wonder if that could be true. Would be a huge help for the ‘good folks’ helping to ID the false faces.

    Now that I think about it I believe there is also a registry of clown faces. (So many odd thoughts other’s writings bring to light…she thinks).


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