Inspector Hughes and the Shadow Squad


This is a longer than usual piece for me. Guess this Sunday, I’m too lazy to edit,” she confessed. Another fascinating photo from Al @ Sunday Photo Fiction, July 10.

“So, that’s how they do it,” the Inspector said from inside the Department’s newly acquired HTV (high tech vehicle). A rather luxuriously appointed stake-out and listening post, Hughes knew he was going to enjoy the new digs and gig.

Containers were disappearing from the docks. The contents neatly stacked, except for the odd missing item, such as blankets, pillows, towels, and toys on the pier. Hughes and his team were tasked with solving this heinous crime. As the Chief said, “God knows what’s in those containers now: nuclear war heads, young girls and boys enslaved in the sex trade, illegal drugs, marijuana grow operations . . . . the Chief had a lively imagination.

With his eye in the sky, Hughes watched a rag-tag brigade single out a container, crow bar it open, and empty it in double time. Then a non-descript truck cab and flat bed drove to the exact location, an obvious rogue crane helped delivery the pillaged container to the flat bed, and off they went.

But why? Hughes gave Johnson and Smithfield the truck’s description and plates so the shadow squad took over.

“Inspector,” Smithfield later reported. “You’ve got to see this!”

“See what?”

“Container City”*

He could hear Johnson saying, “Man, this is so cool, come on Smithfield, tour is beginning.”

At least the echo locator remained adhered to the bottom on their bumper.

* Gorgeous Homes Made from Shipping Containers (buzzfeed); Shipping Container Homes (Popular Mechanics); Living in a steel box (The Guardian)

The concept fascinates me as a way to provide housing for the homeless, under-housed around the world. Probably too popular now with folks willing to pay top dollar. Trendy is as trendy does.

On the fancy side, Winking smile but love the roof garden and the older model car.

There's even a garden on top!




12 thoughts on “Inspector Hughes and the Shadow Squad

  1. I knew this is what they were using them for. I’ve watched quite a bit on using these containers as housing, they do a lot of it in Europe and actually where I live in Canada, in Edmonton, they are going to making condo units with two of these containers, a bottom and a top floor. The containers will be ontop of some stores built normally though. They are arranging the containers in a way which is architecturally interesting and gives privacy to tenants. Awesome story, great idea!


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