the monster in the bed

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Writing Prompt #167 “Collage Special Edition”


“Yves says, ‘[t]oday’s collage was created by Laura Bloomsbury be sure to stop by her blog!’”



I am tired, I am weary.

leaden with knowledge

that your arms will no longer

wrap themselves around my waist,

chin on shoulder, breathing lust into my ear.

that we will never lay together, sweaty, spent,

exhausted, exhilarated as the touch of your

gentle finger arouses me again.


you are wooden, like the the city square statue

I am the boats in the harbour,

straining against the mooring rope and anchor

your words sting like a swarm of bees

the resulting welts add to your disgust.


what sort of creatures have we become

that when you stray not from your side

of a former communal bed

what sort of monster do you dream

sleeps beside you now?

a nightmarish thing

to be avoided

eyes averted,

interest gone.


I remember

cradled in your

loving arms,

you would vow

forever we would be

this close in body,

in spirit.

do you ever

dream that dream,

or is that

now your nightmare?


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