Her Alice Blue Dress

I wrote “Her Alice Blue Dress” in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge 121. It is was quick, free write with only spelling corrections. Also falls under flash fiction.


Olney IL

I’ll always remember her alice blue dress. And how it swayed when she walked.

How the wind rippled the hem, revealing knees marked by scars.

Her alice blue dress matching her eyes. Complimenting her honeyed hair that fell over her budding breasts.

Laughing like bubbles from a wand. Running through the woods, looking back to see if I followed.

Never still; perpetual motion. Pictures froze her; yet her alice blue dress still flowed.

I’ll always remember her alice blue dress; but her face, I can’t recall.


16 thoughts on “Her Alice Blue Dress

  1. The alice blue dress suggests she might have fallen down a rabbit hole, as do the knees marked by scars. I would love to know who the first person narrator might be. A fascinating piece!


    • “Thank you. Alice blue does conjure up certain images, doesn’t it,” she replied. “As to the narrator — I had a few clues/ideas as to the identity as I wrote, but never completely decided,” she confessed. “Thank you for the encouraging comments you leave.”

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