hv/100 = a to z: m = militia

m = militia

revolutionary-war-men.jpg (900×600):

Henry Price saved to 1776  on pinterest.

Someone always needed to be close by the door. Charity, slumped in a chair, nodding off by the fire, sat bolt upright. Two knocks on the door, then three, then two. Message for her father; the militia was gathering. The British must be on the move. Father, half dressed, took one of the two long guns propped against the wall. “You know when to use it, Charity,” he said, pointing to the other gun. “Yes, Father,” she replied, as he kissed the top of her head good bye. She was the home militia, should the British push too hard.

I’ve been doing historical vignettes as an a to z project at my pace. I intended to write a story with k = Klan and l = lynching, but with all the horrible events of late, it was too close to the bone. Then judge not, lest you be judged for Moral Monday, and my story seemed to fit with the theme. Though I’m afraid it may be too subtle in 100 words. But my vignettes are restricted to 100 words, so I’m responsible for the vagueness at either way.

So, visit my story Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged, for k = Klan and l = lynching.


3 thoughts on “hv/100 = a to z: m = militia

  1. Good one! I like the daily challenges :-) I agree, the events of the last week {last few years?!?} have increasingly been troubling as the injustices and inequities are brought to the forefront of “mainstream” consciousness. If we’re not confronted by the atrocities of the everyday, how can the collective we do anything to stem the tide of injustice?


    • “I think sometimes we get inured to the violence. It surrounds us on television (news and shows), movies, YouTube, social media, games,” she sighed, “So real world violence at first appears like a game, a movie. So used to daily gore, we don’t feel the gut-punch til it happens close to home, to someone you know.”
      “That’s why I agree that the mainstream has to see these things not as a movie that a Marvel Super-Hero can solve, or beyond one person’s ability. But 1 +1 + 1 + = a movement towards justice and peace,” she said.

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