#tuesdayuseitinasentence: un[quench]able

waterhouse study of a girl 1908

JW Waterhouse, Sketch

“Thanks, Stephanie, for another interesting word for #tuesdayuseitinasentence, quench, that I combo’d with the Daily Post Daily Prompt for today, guest. Often these two prompt sources nest nicely,” she said without taking a breath. “I’m experimenting with free writing, and first association,” she explained. “So the material is raw,as it’s the first thing that came into my mind or found it’s way to the computer screen.”

“I know I shouldn’t apologize or qualify what I write. Don’t post if it’s crap theory,” she went on. “But I want to force myself to click publish, then later mentally edit and delete.”

Do you always trust your first initial feeling?
Special knowledge holds truth bears believing 
{Crystal, Steve Nicks}

As father’s guest seemed unable to quench his thirst for stories, ale, and eyeing her, Mawin was sent to draw another pitcher of ale from the basement kegs.

“And, thanks, too Stephanie for giving me a ‘feel’ for a sentence setting,” she concluded.


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