journeying down the road

to nowhere

dust-puffs at my sneakers

flies at my eyes

“are you walking for a cause”


“want a lift”

“up to heaven”

and so it goes


Andy’s Poetry 101 Rehab: road and the Daily Post Daily Prompt: journey


12 thoughts on “walking

      • not too personal or forward at all :)

        well it’s a bit of a mish mash – as in walking because there is a deep rooted need … even if not sure where to go or why …. and then it’s also a form of escape ….. running … or desperately wanting to get out of it …. and then …. perhaps being conflicted …. the idea of still needing and being propelled to continue …. because there is something important and worthy of the efforts (as in walking for a cause) even if one is exhausted …. then walking a path ….. a spiritual necessity that can be so tempestuous … as in, you know … feeling completely hopeless and yet still hopeful …. not understanding the whys and hows …. or what the purpose is … and yet, there is a lovely resonance written here, at least in my readings, that strikes me as slightly “amusing” …. almost like an angel stops and asks if you are seriously contemplating trying to hitch a ride to heaven …. does any of this make sense???


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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