Yul Brenner stared back at her from the mirror. Gone – all gone. Every inch, every strand, every wavy curl. Her hair lay in concentric circles around her feet on the bathroom floor. A thick mat of black, glossiness.

A few nicks from first welding the buzz-cutter on her scalp oozed blood. She wondered about eyebrows – should they go too?

She ignored the pounding on the bathroom door. The demands to know “What is going on in there?!”

A transformation. A liberation. A revelation. That’s all, she thought. “Nothing,” she shouted back. “Nothing at all.”

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Tale Weaver Fairy Tale # 77: The Ugly Duckling.


8 thoughts on “hair

  1. Great write – and it’s an interesting open-ended ending – which works really well. Leaves the mind wondering.

    And actually, I’ve done this – in fact often do it – and oddly enough, I’ve discovered something interesting – if you start from a negative frame of mind – with the intention of “making yourself ugly” – it ends up being that; if you choose to do it from a more peaceful or spiritual place, it becomes a huge release and liberation. Well, at least this has been my experience. Anyhow – great write – really loved how this prompt inspired you :)


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