#thursdaydoor: restored train station

These pictures are taken from a slide show illustrating a restored train station. A picture of the building, taken at a distance, was kindly used by Priceless Joy as a prompt for her Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Folks assigned many uses for the building – the train tracks were not plainly visible – so I took some more pictures. I did keep #thursdaydoors in mind. Parked cars made getting a good picture of the street side door difficult.

No longer a working station, except for special events, commuter transportation changes might see it in use again. For now, freight trains occasionally rumble by.

Had trouble with the exposure, and correcting when editing. The green is darker, the red on the windows deeper. Perhaps on a future Thursday, I’ll have better images.

Soon: update of renovation and old door; sneaking into backyard of the abandoned house behind ours

IMG_20160718_193031927_thumb IMG_20160718_193017925_thumb


For #thursdaydoor, July 21, 2016

© all photos copyright adh[a darkened house] 2016

2 thoughts on “#thursdaydoor: restored train station

  1. It still looks like a pretty cool place. Don’t forget to swing by my post and ad this to the linkup list (look for the blue button) so that others can find it.


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