moral mondays: fancy footwork


Jack was stable and steady. Until he met the Burger twins.

Pity wore shades of purple and indigo; Paty, greens and rusts.

Jack feel hard and fast for Pity.  A secret tryst was arranged.

Jack arrived; Pity blew kisses.

Just as Jack began to clamber over the fence, Pity was also on his side, calling sweetly.

Steady Jack froze, straddling the fence. Which was his soon-to-be lover, Pity? Which was Paty trying to get in on the action? Jack knew if he stayed straddled like that for too long neither girl would be very happy with his subsequent performance.


Another fable for Moral Mondays (this might be an amoral tale!) hosted by Nortina. Thanks for doing this! It’s a great start to the week.


25 thoughts on “moral mondays: fancy footwork

  1. I love that the story starts with Jack being stable and steady and ends with the image of him straddling between two girls.
    By they way, those names — Pity and Paty Burger — what boy wouldn’t be tempted by that? Haha! :D


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