Jerry McDonald had a garden, ei, ei, eio

image: Louse @ The Storyteller’s Abode

Challenge #75 in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Very seasonal picture!

Jerry McDonald’s neighbours weren’t sure why he did it, year after year. Always with the same results.

He would lovingly start his plants from seed, transfer the flats to cold frames, thin (usually replanting a number of the thinned ones), transplant, mulch, water, weed, prune. Months of work, from anticipating the seed catalogues arrival to heads of lettuce glossy green in the sun. Each row perfectly straight, each plant the exact distance from the next.

His neighbours secretly made fun of him, knowing what was to come next. Not heaps of salad fixings on Jerry’s kitchen counter, not bubbling pots of tomato sauce, redolent with fresh herbs, for home-made pasta.

No, at peak point, Jerry always secretly left the gate ajar. His neighbours laughed, wondering when he would ever learn wildlife control – a shot gun, razor wire, and better fencing.

Jerry smiled because he made the garden for his wild friends. Rather these creatures reaped the rewards of his prowess with plants than his neighbours. {165 words}


25 thoughts on “Jerry McDonald had a garden, ei, ei, eio

  1. A garden intended for feeding the wildlife sounds like my type of garden! It seems to me that Jerry has it just right – he gets to enjoy his time gardening and he gets to help out the natural world. Great story. :)


  2. Ah, that’s rather lovely. Growing all of that for the wildlife – gorgeous. Most of my plants are for wildlife too- flowers for the bees and the bugs. Unfortunatelly, the slugs seem to think it’s all for them! Lovely story


    • Uugh, slugs. Don’t have them here — it’s the wildlife that gets most of the plants whether intended for them or not.
      But I’ve battled slugs with saucers of beer other places I’ve lived.
      Glad you grow for the natural world, too. And thanks for reading my storul

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. We feed our local suburban wildlife population — some on purpose and some they eat on us! It’s fun to look out the kitchen window and see a tiny baby rabbit, or a groundhog, chipmunk, opossum, raccoon, even skunks roaming about.


  3. They laughed at him, but he still went for it. And where they shunned animals, he welcomed the creatures and shared his harvest. Yep, an interesting character for an interesting take of the prompt. Good job!


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