shining hope



“Do you see her, littlest one?”

Great-grandfather pointed to a dim cluster of stars just above the eastern horizon.

I squinted, looked at the spot through my imagination’s eye, drew lines between the stars, but nothing, just the ephemeral starblanket.

I shook my head.

“She is dim because she is Shining Hope. When someone loses hope, she loses a shimmer of her glow.

“Will she disappear before I see her, Great-grandfather?”

“No, littlest one, because when someone looks to her, and hopes, a little glimmer will spark back.”

“And, if I always hope . . .”

“Then she will outshine the bluest moon.”


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Writing Prompt July 31st: We Are All Stars


16 thoughts on “shining hope

  1. You presented a very beautiful scene, not only for the stars and the belief we often hold for them to shine, but also, it might not mean much to many or any, I liked the bond shown between the characters.
    More often than not, in today’s time, I see children disconnected with their closest peers. I don;t want to debate on who or what is to blame, but your story really made me imagine something I used to see more in real world and something I HOPE to see more of tomorrow.


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