free animal sex pics: NO THANKS

There are certain things I tend not to comment on – people’s sex lives for one. But when I have 12 spams in my line up and 3 are offering me free animal sex pictures, well. . .

Let’s parse this one out: are the animals free-range in all the meanings of the term? Are they freely providing pictures of their sex lives? Is it animal sex lives we’re talking here, or shepherds too close to their sheep?

Needless to say, I DID NOT investigate this offer any further. Just curious – any one else get offered free-range animal sex acts?

two bunnies kissing: don’t think this is what the purveyor of free animal sex pics had in mind

image: via


3 thoughts on “free animal sex pics: NO THANKS

  1. All the time. I also get ads for flip-flops and sunglasses and for SEO consulting services that tell me I could be doing better if I would just use their tool like a good boy…


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