#thursdaydoor: restored train station II

I had not been to the train station in this town in several years. Restorations on the outbound side (the older station) were happening, but I thought perhaps the building had been neglected for too long. While stations stood, their function as waiting rooms, and ticket windows long since ceased.

Two weeks ago, I had occasion to visit, and was so pleased to see the restorations – at least on the exterior – complete. Blown-up portraits of town “notables” fill the windows, and the station is fenced in. A sign indicates it is the property of the town’s historical society.

Inside the fence is all asphalt; I would like to see grass and flowers even if not historically accurate.

Every town along this late 19th century commuter route had it’s unique train station dating from the 1880s to the 1920s. Most are gone; too neglected to restore; a handful preserved. The rail line remains a major commuter route into the big city.

Taken with my cell-phone, some of the focus is fuzzy and I can never take a picture which is straight! I am still hoping for a digital SLR .

Compiled for Norm.2 #Thursdaydoor.



IMG_20160728_122610987_HDR               IMG_20160728_134054997


IMG_20160728_134149822           IMG_20160728_135303956

4 thoughts on “#thursdaydoor: restored train station II

    • Thanks. I seem to be having an affinity for train stations. Alas, a lot of the history has gone from the place where I live, and all the wonderous stained glass are rectangular windows going up stairways, not in doors. Stained glass doors are a favourite of mine. I’ll take another train and see what I find. Thank you for taking the time to look at my pictures. :)

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