“You are so pathetic”

For Moral Mondays, Nortina would like us to ponder: bless those who curse you. Then write a fable. Here’s mine:

You are so pathetic

“You are so pathetic,” Tiffany said. “I mean look at you – glasses and a unibrow if you didn’t hack at it.” The other girls snickered

“Randy’d never even kiss you. Not the gorilla girl.” The laughter got louder.

Tiffany waved my secret scribbler in front of my face. She grabbed it from me in class.

“He’ll be more than ROFL,” she sneered. “Before we get SOF.”

“May you always get what you wish for,” I said, turning and walking away.

She couldn’t see my smirk: From now on, I may have blessed or cursed her. The choice was hers.{100 words}


14 thoughts on ““You are so pathetic”

  1. Ugh, those popular pretty girls. They’re the worst. But they’re usually the ones twice divorced, out of shape, and with a bunch of bratty kids at the ten-year reunion, so a blessed “cursing” indeed. ;)
    Great little story!


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