“the get it back” gal

Sonya @ 100 words chose an interesting photograph by Ashim D’Silva for this week 28’s TLT. I went with the absolute first idea that popped into my coffee-deprived brain. Thanks again, Sonya for hosting

I recover a variety of items for a wide range of clients; that’s my job.

Which is why I’m roaming a cold, damp warehouse at 6 am  on a Saturday morning, dreaming of donuts, and taking notes; lot 62 seemed to be the one to bid for.

Lot 62, now mine, contained items removed from passengers and carry-on luggage at airport screening stations; explanation of why the client needed a hacksaw or a replica Viking axe onboard are almost priceless – but a gal has to earn a living.


16 thoughts on ““the get it back” gal

  1. wildchild47 says:

    this is a super fun and amazing piece of flash – highly creative – loved the idea that all of this was collected from airport security!


          • WWI was were man started to use mass murder in place of war. While we became able to tear each other up through efficiency of the machine gun before, the introduction of poison gas and trench warfare added extra misery to both sides.


            • Hey, did you know trench warfare was also used in the civil war! Technology of war has always outstripped the “brasses” bought or inherited position. Gatling guns in the civil war too.
              Dad was in the army, loved history, especially 19th early 20th century military history. I was once a historian and did hang around with military historians. Besides my granduncle lost at we think Passendale, it’s in the blood.

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              • Trench warfare was not quite the same in 1860’s the depth and long term exposure to conditions were not as bad. The civil war armies had supply issues. Each regiment would have their own weapons. Partially because the US government paid anyone to produce weapons up to 25% didn’t work. The south never had prepared for a war. They believed it was their right to be free country. So theirs were weapons seized in the fort left behind or home made.


                • Got lots to say on that and what I was trying to get at. I’m tired right now. Tomorrow, I’ll give you my treatise on the Civil, Boer, WWI and the technology that ran far ahead of tactics and strategies. And the intelligence of those in command. Try training that in another country! Or may be you or your wife have.

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