always bee’ing on the outside looking in

Photograph: Magaly Guerrero

In her poem, “The Three Bees,” Suzy Kassem, suggests that success comes differently depending on the bee: Queen Bee; hardest working bee; or the bee that doesn’t fit in.

Magaly writes from the Imaginary Garden with Read Toads:

“. . . I invite you to share a bit of bee poetry… specifically, we will write poems that explore a moment in the life of one of the three bees. . . . And because 3 is such a lovely number, let’s craft our poems in exactly three stanzas. “

For me, there was only one possible choice: always bee’ing on the outside looking in. I went back to my early school days, and relived recess as the unwanted, unwelcomed newbie.




and the voices

carry laughter

and joy

the buzzing of

twenty five and six year olds

let loose for 15 minutes of



but me

the newbee

I lean against

the chain link fence

scuffing toes of

ugly shoes

only sort that

fit my funny feet

making dust puffs



will they ask me to play

hopscotch or jump rope

not good at either

will they let me climb up

the slide, turn, and scream

my way down

will they ignore me

will they call me names

fatso, stupid, ugly,

or worse

recess bell



Buzz over to the garden to find other bee poets & poems.


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