moral mondays


Moral Mondays where morals & fables go 21st century.

Nortina posts a moral on Sunday evenings and invites you to wrap 100 words around the concept. It’s challenging, and fun. If you haven’t tried this microfiction challenge, I highly recommend you visit  Moral Mondays for the whole scoop.

This week’s “moral,” is one of Nortina’s own:When your blood is boiling, spend an evening in the Cooler.”

 Love working the late shift because HE comes in. Meltingly lop-sided grin. Amethyst eyes with fireworks. Friendly, flirty.

“Just ask me,” I constantly try mind-melding with him. “Coffee.” “Movie.” “Walk.”

Then, one night he comes in with a clinger. I mean she is all over him, looking daggers at me. She wants some special drink. Sounding helpful, I suggest “Go look in the storage cooler.” In she goes; I lock the door.

He thanks me, explaining “An old psycho girlfriend” then (finally asks), “Hey, what are you doing after your shift?” By then, her lust and blood-lust will probably be cooled down.


6 thoughts on “moral mondays

  1. Ha! You went quite literal with the prompt, and I love it! That’ll teach ex-girlfriend not to be so obviously desperate when he clearly has a thing for the girl behind the counter. ;)


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