to see beyond

Sight Wordle


I’m really enjoying Yves’ special Wordles based on the senses. This week, a wonderous list of words suggesting sight/vision.


They all said it was a shame she was deformed. She had the most beautiful titian hair she wore in a long braid down her back with sprigs of lavender, lace and ribbons woven in. But she was frail, her voice so small as to be indistinct. She had strangely ashen skin. But her iridescent amethyst eyes glistened and flashed sparks of humour.

All assumed she would never wed. Become an unkempt hag with hound’s tooth-blotchy sagging skin and matted matte hair. But he saw beyond the twisted cylinder that was her spine. Beyond her pellucid skin. He saw the true love of his life. She saw her life towering to even greater heights.

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the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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