second chance?

TJ Paris’ funky munky made me think of things freaky, for some reason, for Joy’s Flash-Fiction for Aspiring Writers #78


The funky munky – couldn’t believe it still existed. I got a hangover just thinking the name. Ten years and nothing had changed.Same pictures on the wall, obscured by smoke – whoa – that was illegal and just like funky munky – his real name; strange parents – to give authorities the finger. Titan and Tiny behind the bar looked like 10 years had not aged them – I needed to learn their secret.

Typical too, a group of girls were flirting with the band – one in particular was coming onto the drummer . . . OMG, it’s me. I had stepped into the funky munky the very night I . . . . Best to have one more drink – no need to further upset the cosmos, unless I could change how the night ended, then this wouldn’t be my first night out as a free woman in 10 years. I left before I had a chance to find out; why mess with my life anymore than I already had.


© adh [a darkened house]


24 thoughts on “second chance?

  1. i felt she just stepped back in time and thought she had drank too much but then decided to relive her sweet past and get that drummer that got a way…or is my imagination just running in the wrong direction….anyway…love the vibe from this story and it made me very nostalgic for a bar i used to know….great story!….gina


  2. Some things never change in life, but it is unusual for an establishment to stay the same….maybe it’s a family business or just someone smart enough to recognize what really works! Great story.


  3. Not sure if it was intentional (I’ll assume it is because I think you’re an awesome writer), but I like how this story reads and unfolds in a hazy way, just like someone waking up from a hangover and trying to remember pieces of what happened. It’s clever and added a different layer to the story :)


  4. That’s the power of alcohol! I’ve done extensive research in the areas of bar hopping in my younger days. So at a more mature point in my life I could see the changes. I’m not that mature yet, but they look the same and only I look older. 😞


    • My favourite tavern, as I’ve been chatting with Priceless Joy really didn’t change until it became an upscale bar rather than a working class tavern. Same thing happened to my undergrad university bar: dumpy and comfortable to OMG. As far as I know, my grad school bar (in an old house) has not been renovated, but then I refuse to go back for class reunions so I don’t know for sure. It wasn’t renovated the years I spent there writing my theses!

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      • I went back to a fond drink hole with my wife twenty plus years after we started going there in the happy early days. It was pretty close to the same. It’s a cheap hotel near the airport. The third string business travel types hang there for trade shows. It’s young punks on cheap beer meets dead eyed sales person


        • Mine, that is now high-end, was so old it was a longshoremen/sailors, then regular working class, then students, artists and other such poor folk. Ages anywhere from 90 to 15 (well below drinking age of 18).
          Now — well, too high end for me.

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          • My favorite place in college was an old place called the Harbor Inn. It was in a mid 1800’s two stories house. It was maybe 300 square feet, but has two hundred different types of beer by the bottle. Back when Regan and Mrs Thratcher ran the world the beers didn’t clear $2.50 a bottle. Now you can pay up to $10, I make a lot more than I did then but I’m not paying that for beer. And it too, is a place to be seen. 😕


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