the first patron and the installation

NEKNEERAJ has chosen an awe inspiring photograph for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge 126. I have chosen to interpret within the world of art.

Through a general comment conversation, he mentioned the incredible (my interpretation) artistic skill of his son in a variety of medias. I asked for photographs and/or websites. His father quickly provided me with breath-taking examples of his son’s art, the art making process, the installations, the commercial items based on his unique and intricate designs.

I’d ask of up-coming shows, or he would mention this one or that one. His son was always experimenting, making a name for himself internationally. A very justifiably proud father.

An excited fatherly email arrived – a commission to do another of his permanent monster sized installations. Based upon the first, the son began his process of artistic wizardry.  I asked how things were progressing, and he replied his son was rather quiet about it. Giving little information as to what the installation would represent, materials used, and none of the usual progress shots. The website and facebook pages were equally enigmatic and cryptic.

Although the show was half a world away, the father decided to go. Time with family becomes more important; saying, “Tomorrow,” is less feasible and realistic. Upon his arrival, he learned his son had arranged a private showing – just his father to take in the installation alone. To experience the visual, sensual, sights, sound, smell, music. The “first patron” I teased him when I received the email.

I slipped into the back of the gallery, awed by the art, and the man – an aura of love, respect, and pride – glowing around him. It shone more brightly than the iridescent and shifting colours of his son’s art.

I would give him a long while til I tapped him on the shoulder and informed him I was the “second patron”


© adh [a darkened house]


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the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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