sue vincent’s Thursday #writephoto: Glimpsed at Lady Chapel

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto – glimpsed — has me writing an “olden days” non-rhyming love poem: Glimpsed at the Lady Chapel. Check out the prompt, who knows what you might have glimpsed . . .


E’er time I dare glance upon your fine face

your eyes were on hers; where thine amethyst eyes should not’s be

Her laugh tinkles like the jester’s bells; smile steals brightness from the sun

She is fair as the spring sun warming winter’s grounds; delicate as the lace upon a babe’s white bonnet

But she is spoken for; to wed the king e’er leaves turn as golden as her hair

I have seen thee with her, alone, in the Lady chapel

Yes, I did follow thee

To beg thee to see me; look into mine eyes as you doth hers

But I did glimpsed you take her hand, fairest of the Lords, and press your lips upon

Tear’d I turned knowth that I couldst condemn thee and her to death

condemn thee to me for mine silence

and condemn myself to hell

No, I shall not breathe even an early winter frosty puff of air of what glimpsed through window of the Lady Chapel

Twill remainst a secret; but I will pursue ye no more as t’would break mine heart so;

Ye shall always love another fairer creature born high, marriage bed t’will be higher; grow to a giant then, mine dear love, mine lost love


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