“Ask Your Mother . . . .”

Another fun challenge for a Sunday. Thanks! This one took a side trip to Wikipedia!


I managed to get the right to every 6th weekend with Lixabith. I tried not to over plan; didn’t want to appear to be showing up her mother. That’s the last thing the kid needed. The war continued and I wasn’t going to use her as my pawn. So some weekends were structured – a planned trip to somewhere mutually agreed upon. Others just hanging around my place; listening to music; reading aloud; visiting funky stores.

Lixabith thought maybe the best were when we’d get in the car Friday after school or at 3 if school was out, suitcases packed to drive out into the country. Lixabith turned off the GPS, got out a map and we’d be gone until 3 pm on Sunday when I dutifully dropped her in the neutral zone of her grandparents.

Having wandered around an interesting rural town market town, Lixabith stopped in front on an ornate crest. I explained that the crest and perhaps it was even Richard 1st battle cry. Having just started learning French, she was very proud to translate the motto. “God on my Right,” she worked out. “But Dad if God is on his Right, is Satan on his Left?”

“Excellent question,” I said, “Ask your mother.”

(c) copy right adh [a darkened house]


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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