#tuesdayuseitinasentence 3LT: the watch

three line tales, week 30 – pocket watch

photo by Rachel Crowe

Opening the pocket watch with dirty, lacquer-chipped fingernails, her layers of bracelets chimed; “Desire something, chose a time, and it shall be so,” she whispered throatily, moving her hands above the merchandise as if to mesmerize the leery purchaser.

“Anything?” I asked, the skeptic in me sure this was but a cheap stolen pocket watch; her nod enticed me to opt for 5:35.

“Doesn’t keep the best of time,” I thought, screams now echoing from the marketplace behind me at 5:43, “at least 5 minutes slow,” as I tossed the bloodied polishing cloth into the street.

#tuesdayuseitinasentence: opening; TLT Week 30


13 thoughts on “#tuesdayuseitinasentence 3LT: the watch

      • Light seeking people are always fascinated by the dark. Dark people need not seek the light it is drawn to it. So are you seeking or not. Simple questions always have the most baggage….😃


          • Exercising demon is easier. It keeps them occupied, albeit temporarily. But darkness will eventually win, but it’s more fun anyway. Why are your demons using battered weapons? Are they armed with fish sticks?! You have some demons with issues. 👹


            • There is an evil gene in my family — it’s not darkness it’s jealousy, cruelty, greed, lying, inventing, never taking responsibility kinda darkness. I got the gene so that’s why it’s a fish fry around here. There’s the darkness and then there are the dark. Then there are the evil. I fight that part for myself – I’m no superhero.

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              • Evil is deliberate. For the sake of causing issues, particularly on others. Darkness can still be neutral. Well, my form of darkness is light in nature. I have my streaks as I maintain a level of chaos…..maybe I visit orderly


                • There’s no one definition to the dark-side. I’m not fighting these battles to become light — I’m trying not to replicate 2 people I despise (grandmother and uncle) who caused so much hurt and pain.
                  My other dark side is midnight gardens and addictions and lusts. But it’s inhabitants aren’t necessarily evil nor set out to destroy.
                  I don’t think I’m making any sense tonight. This new regime has made my life feel like a 1960s French surrealist movie.

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                  • You may dear are flowering Nicotine. A graceful plant with intoxicating perfumes that fill the evening air. Dances in the moonlight and things hiding in the shadows. Then there’s the tobacco side….. I do psycho analysis on the side. I’m as good as the degreed people, without the copy and brain candy. I have had my share of people from older sister, several girl friends, two wives, and a few male friends. I’m cursed under the normal enough tag


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