This week, Linda asks us to accumulate for stream of consciousness  Saturday.

So I made an alphabeteria of things real or imagined; tangible or intangible I may or may not have accumulated.

accumulator’s alphabeteria

I’ve accumulated

agates, agonies and angsts

ball caps, bags, bs

cares, caresses, crap

demons, darkness, detritus

evil, envy,  ennui

fears, failures, faux pas

giraffes, giants, greed

hiccups, hideouts, hang-ups

illness, ill-at-easeness, inanity

jump ropes, jealousies, jewelry

kazoos, k-rations, kangaroos

lovers, loss, loneliness

mantras, manias, milkshakes

nonsensical, nostrums, neurasthenia

prairie dogs, pain, promises

obsidian, oddities, obsessions

quirks, quartz, queries

regrets, rationales, ratios

sagas, sorrows, stuffies

tomorrows, torment, timidities

u-turns, unicycles, unconsciousness

verities, virtues, vices

wrongs, windows, whimsies

x-rated responses to all the above

years, yawns, yarns

zebras, zeitgeists, zeros



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the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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