donuts instead: 9/11 and hate

15 years ago we said

we’d bring terror to an end

15 years ago we swore

WMD will be no more

get the evil tyrants and the hate

will melt away

only a few crazies standing in our way

for 15 years we helped the mayhem

gave more reasons to hate

made radicalism easy, a pliable play date

never to forget the 11th

nor service given in

full frontal afghaniraqastan war

but this ain’t the answer

hate, fundamentalism, radicalism

we got the same damn genes

lets forget what we wear over them

what language we dress them in

what religion we spin them in

what gender we define them in

cuz I’m not terrorized of myself

you shouldn’t be terrorized of me

call it for what it is:

killing and some will always want to kill

their bloodlust washes the seas

today forget where I came from

what you do on Sunday

what I eat and celebrate

let’s have coffee without the AK7s

or the mortar launchers

let’s have coffee

with donuts instead


4 thoughts on “donuts instead: 9/11 and hate

  1. World peace by donuts?! There’s a,war machine that needs funds to keep the peace. To quote the movie Dr Strangelove..”This is a War Room! There’s no fighting in a War Room!” Butter and butter are far cheaper than weapons. No war was lost because lack of willingness to kill rather than undesrstand


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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