#writephoto: Fingül’s Gate

For Sue Vincent’s #writephoto: gate. Too late for inclusion in the round-up, I’ll cheat and pretend it’s prior to noon GMT today (Wednesday).



Behind Fingül’s Gate, the world lay
stretched out like well-patched quilt
To the east – the sea, swelling with pride
at it’s enormity
To the west, undulating grasslands
wove intricate dances
North were the dark forests of sweet pine
and bitter hemlock
And south, fields and farmyards,
fruit trees and fullness

Behind Fingül’s Gate, the world stretched
like child on waking
Veins and arteries of roads and footpaths
Watery transport on canals and rivers
Dots of villages, cathedral spires
A world with giants peeking
in windows
Striding cross rivers
Careful to not rattle roofs
or scare hares and hinds

Behind Fingül’s Gate
A miniature world
of a magic time gone
The laughter and glee
of giant children among
the scale models rings
far beyond Fingül’s Gate

And Fingül smiles; his graveyard bust always does.

© adh a darkened house 2016


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