soc: a bamble on a bus

bambling on bus for Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS

There’s lines in a Joni Mitchell song “My idiomatic brain/I was insane/because I had some crazy ideas/like not to ride those double decker buses/ because they had no driver on the top . . . Cheech and Chong break in: “what no driver on the top. . .  Man that chick is twisted.”

Horse pulled double-deckers where call omnibuses. A word I love – and I suppose omnibus in the political came from so many people packed into one space; some may items packed into one piece of legislation.

If you add an s bus, becomes buss which is a kiss, take it away the s and a t and you’ve got something to be bussed, and you can be a bus boy taking the letters away.

Then there was the back of the bus; started a whole civil rights movement, and African-American men weren’t “hey boy” any more.

Put it in front – words like business happen. Mankind was your busy-ness from A Christmas Carol – love how it’s pronounced.

All this bus talk is getting me no where closer to the public transit I need to take today – no a commuter train, not a bus.


7 thoughts on “soc: a bamble on a bus

  1. I agree omnibus is a great word. I suppose they were safer on the bottom in case the horses got spooked. Of course, Joni Mitchell wasn’t much for big yellow taxis either. She must like the control of driving herself.


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